A list of our members and guest speakers

Noel Buttigieg

Leader of Slow Food Malta

Dr Noel Buttigieg is a lecturer at the Institute for Tourism, Travel & Culture and Coordinator of the Programme for Mediterranean Culinary Culture of the University of Malta. He published several articles about food and food culture and co-authored the book L-Istorja tal-Kultura tal-Ikel f'Malta in 2004. He is currently the Hon. Secretary of the Malta Historical Society, member of the Sacra Militia Committee and Convivium Leader of Slow Food Malta


John Portelli

Public Relations and Marketing Officer, Slow Food Malta

John Portelli is based in Malta and is owner of Simply Organic, distributors of very high quality organic products to the local Maltese market. Simply Organic promotes and educates clients and the public about healthy ways to improve health and lifestyle, organising cookery demonstrations, talks, olive oil tastings and workshops using seasonal organic produce and ingredients. Managing director of Technology in Management Ltd, he is a management consultant and security specialist in Malta since 1998.

Rosario Gugliotta

Leader of Slow Food Sicilia

Rosario Gugliotta lives in Messina in Sicily, he is a trained biologist and works as area manager for a pharmaceutical company specialising in natural products. Rosario has been involved with Slow Food for nearly twenty years and for many years was the leader of the Valdemone di Messina group in Sicily. In 2014 he became the Leader of Slow Food Sicilia and represents Sicily at the many Slow Food events and conferences in Europe.

Rosarios main area of expertise is marine studies and sustainable fishing also environmental themes linked to good sustainable food and health. 

He is also director of the Strada dei Sapori del Parco del Nebrodi and president of the Marchio Nebrodi in Sicily

Carmelo Maiorca

Journalist and Deputy at Slow Food Sicilia

Carmelo Maiorca is a professional journalist with years of experience and collaborations with the main newspapers and magazines in Italy writing mainly of food, environment and culture. He published three collections of his main articles and dossiers. For the Slow Food Press in Italy he edited books of Sicilian recipes and Sicilian travel itinerary and he is one of the editors for the "Osterie d'Italia" the official Slow Food guide to italian restaurants and also the Slow Food "Guida agli oli Extravergine". He is a member of the Slow Food movment since 1989 and he is involved in the educational projects Slow Food runs nationally as teacher at the Food Master where he coordinates fish, beer and olive oil workshops. He is currently the deputy at Slow Food Sicilia

Dermott Sales

Dermott Sales is based in Italy, Malta and the UK and he set up Slow Food Norwich in 2008 and was co founder of the regional Slow Food Anglia covering counties in the east of England in 2014. He works closely with community groups in the Anglia region to raise awareness of food issues with the public, in the media and with local government.

Slow Food Anglia promotes small artisan food producers, organises events, food festivals and educational programmes in towns and cities across the region and currently works with the University of East Anglia and Cambridge University on several sustainable food projects. Dermott also works closely with the Sail Cargo alliance to promote sustainable methods of transporting artisan produce by sail.

Slow Food Anglia is Twinned with Slow Food Marche in Italy and Slow Food Sicilia as all these areas have long coastlines and many members who are involved in marine projects and businesses.

Shane Holland

Chairman of Slow Food England

Shane Holland is an highly experienced senior executive with an operations background. Frequently quoted in national media giving comment on food and sustainability issues, and guest lecture at some of our most prominent institutions. He works extensively within the fields of Criminal Justice, Food & Education; working with respective Government Ministers, Ministries and Civil Servants. Awarded Food Campaigner of The Year 2013 and again in 2014, for his political campaign work in sustainable agriculture and fisheries.

He is Chairman of Slow Food England and Leader of Slow Food London

Ugo Pazzi

Leader of Slow Food Marche

Dr Ugo Pazzi is based in the Marche region of eastern Italy and is a free lance agronomist and collaborates with Slow Food in Italy at national level on many projects linked to education and training. He is a teacher at the Master in Food and Culture Communication at the University of Gastronomic Science in Pollenzo, Italy, and he is an expert in VTA, Visual Tree Assessment. Ugo has been ivolved with Slow Food for many years and since March 2014 he has been the leader of Slow Food Marche.

J D Farrugia

Director fish4tomorrow

Director and member of the core team of the fish4tomorrow campaign on Malta which aims to create a culture of environmentally sustainable fishing and fish consumption.  He was responsible for implementing and developing  programmes and managing volunteers involved in the Valletta 2018 cultural programme. J D is involved with many important and ongoing environmental projects on Malta and he is also Chairperson of Friends of the Earth Malta.

Xwejni Coarse Sea Salt

Maltese sea salt producer

Carmen and her family is part of a Maltese family that work in the salt trade at Xwejni Bay, Gozo. It is worked by E. Cini (Leli tal-melh), and the salt has been worked through many generations for over 150 years.  In fact E. Cini and his siblings have been involved in the collection of salt on Gozo since 1969.  Salt harvesting is done only during the summer period, from the month of May until the end of August / September.  The salt is produced by using totally natural elements, the sun, wind and the evaporation of sea water.  Xwejni Salt is harvested manually following traditional methods, the salt is unwashed, it does not have any chemical treatments and no additives are added.

Jorge Spiteri

Director of Safi Honeybee Products

Jorge Spiteri works as an architect and civil engineer trainee in Malta and practices beekeeping during his free time as a fulfilling hobby. Following his graduation in 2013, he strengthened the passion to beekeeping which was instilled in him during his thesis project upon meetings with Mr Luke Montebello who explained the art of beekeeping in practice. This encounter was followed up by a relevant course in Beekeeping and the Art of Honey Making at the University of Malta and participation in various meetings/conferences both local and overseas. His aim is to deliver this passion to whoever is interested whilst safeguarding the local honeybee species as part of the upcoming project named Sustainable Management Of Resilient Bee Populations.

Bernard Muscat

Wine Specialist & P.R.

Bernard started working as a Teacher of Italian in State Secondary Schools and worked in catering for 17 years. After doing a basic course in Wines & Spirits he started working in wine bars & hotels as a wine waiter and also furthered his studies in wine. He wrote wine related articles in Taste Magazine and in 2007 started conducting tours at the Marsovin Winery and also worked as an independent wine consultant. J

Bernard then joined the Marsovin Winery and conducted wine training sessions at Institute for Tourism Studies, internal staff training, wine education programmes on both national and private television stations. Also he did various tastings for the general public and organises wine events like the Marsovin Summer Wine Festival, the Gozo wine Festival and Mondovino International Wine Festival. Also participated in wine fairs in London and acted as a wine judge both locally and abroad (China international Wine Challenge October 2014). He is currently responsible for Export Sales of Marsovin Wines, and for events management and the Marsovin Cellars.

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