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  PROGRAMME FOR 2021 - 2022

 The Slow Food Mediterranean Programme for 2021 - 2022 in Malta and Italy
During the restrictions over the past year we have still been able to carry on supporting our projects and causes we feel that are important to our members and supporters, in 2021 we have several exciting projects that will be going forward including our promotion of and replanting of endangered olive varieties in the Mediterranean region and also renewing our close ties with the Sail Cargo movement.
The Maltese indigenous olive variety is just one of the many olive varieties in the Mediterranean region that is under threat due to the intensive planting and cultivation of more well known Italian, Greek and Spanish varieties of olive trees. These well known  and extensively grown varieties produce a higher yield of oil per kilo of olives and in many cases are less prone to disease, this allows olive farmers to increase their yield and therefore their income.
Unfortunately this comes at the expense of the less well known and normally indigenous olive varieties and these trees are increasingly being removed or grafted with the well known but not indigenous trees and in many cases this is leading to many olive varieties being in danger of disappearing altogether. 
We are currently working with olive farmers both in Italy, Malta and Greece to help with the promotion of the endangered varieties and also help raise funds for purchasing of new trees and for their replanting in dedicated areas of these countries.
The Sail Cargo movement has been around for many years but is still largely unknown both by the general public, also with food and drink producers both in Europe and around the world.
We are involved with many small sail cargo groups and our current plans include having cargoes of olive oil and other typical Mediterranean food and drink produce moved by only using sail power across the region between countries but also to northern European countries such as the UK, Holland, Germany and Sweden.
More details coming soon....
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